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Out of the box thinking drives a new look

It’s not often customer perception matches internal perception of an organization but after a recent customer survey this was the case for More4apps. Over the last few months More4apps have developed a new brand and identity which is now run out across it’s products, website and social media, in response to customer feedback and the organizations focus on continued improvement.

“Our customers and ourselves saw More4apps as reliable, trustworthy, dependable … like a Toyota Corolla” says More4apps Marketing Manager Derryn Brenan, “and this, although a huge positive for us as we pride ourselves on our reliability and proven results, did not really reflect the More4apps of 2020”.

When deciding on the new look the concept of a box within a box resonated with the team. 

“Our products are essentially a small tool that delivers a huge impact”. Brenan says. “We wanted something sleek, simple and modern… something that reflected the simplicity of what we offer, and the huge difference our products can make”.

For over 20 years More4apps have been providing software solutions designed to make getting data into and out of the Oracle database easy. Their focus has been developing almost straight out of the box wizards or loaders that can be implemented by organizations quickly efficiently and with little fuss. 

 “Change and innovation are the cornerstones of our success” she comments, “and it was exciting to work on refresh and reinvigorating a brand that has such a strong standing in the Oracle community”.

Feedback about the new look has been extremely positive and Brenan was impressed by the support the Board of Directors have given to the  Marketing team about the revamp. “Working at More4apps is unique – we have a Board of Directors that are passionate about our company, they have a high level of trust towards the Management team and to be trusted to transform the brand was exciting. When we presented the new look the Board was in consensus – this new look was exactly what we wanted to present to the world.”

This new modern look and thinking has not been limited to the website; it has also been transferred across the EBS Product Suite and into the newly launched ERP Cloud Toolbox. “We are working through all of our popular solutions to make information easier to read, screen layouts more intuitive”. Brenan stresses, however, that none of the industry leading functionality has changed. “We are working to make our customer experience even better”.

Aandrea Murray
Aandrea Murray

Tech Translator

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