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From lap tops to tree tops

Planting trees to help with urban biodiversity is not a normal workday activity for software developers but recently the team at More4apps did just that.

On Wednesday, Product Solutions Manager Mark Willcock and his team planted 160 trees as part of the Hamilton City Council’s Community Planting initiative. The initiative is part of an overall programme by the Council to improve the natural habitats and increase the city’s biodiversity for future generations.

“We wanted to find something as a team building exercise and some of us were talking about other things we had done in the past. It’s great that we were able to take this time out from work and do something together as a team, and also give back to our community and to the environment. Some of us live in the area and will be able to watch the development”, says Willcock.

The team at More4apps planting trees in Hamilton.

One of the organization’s core values centres around the concept people matter. The organization is actively working on ways to develop a people first culture with their 67 staff throughout New Zealand, the United States and United Kingdom.

“Coming out of a time where our team had lacked the everyday interaction with their teammates, it was an easy decision to take an afternoon out to plant trees for the local community. Not only did it provide the opportunity to give back, but also to reconnect with each other as a team and have some fun. Which is very much part of our company culture and values” says More4apps People and Culture Manager, Kiri Somerville.

The team are now on the hunt for other opportunities to strengthen their team spirit and help the community.

“We may look at other types of team building next time. The HCC did encourage everyone to come along and help with other projects. Perhaps with their families on the weekend”, Willcock comments.

Product Analyst Paul Hassall found the experience enjoyable; “it was a fun experience being able to get out with the More4apps team outside of work and helping the community. We all gained some new knowledge on what the Councils are doing around the country to help the environment. We also learnt about the different kinds of trees and what we can do to help. It was a great opportunity to build on the relationships with colleagues whilst also doing our part for the community.”

Aandrea Murray
Aandrea Murray

Tech Translator

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