Excel-erating Data Entry Bottleneck in Oracle ERP Cloud

Excel-erating Data Entry Bottlenecks in Oracle ERP Cloud

On-Demand Webinar from More4apps

Andrew Gooch, our Pre-Sales Engineer as he discussed ways organizations can assess their current processes and tools, such as FBDI, ADFdi, uploaders, and much more. Furthermore, Andrew explained how you can implement more efficient and accurate solutions through Excel-based interface features like pre-validation checks, real-time error messages, reusable templates, and uploading mass volumes quickly and accurately.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Assess your organization’s current data quality 
  • Implement a single spreadsheet solution, backed by your end-users 
  • Improve efficiencies and accuracies of your data management

Meet our Speaker

Andrew Gooch Pre-Sales Engineer, More4apps

Andrew, also known as the “Gooch”, has an extensive history working with Oracle EBS in Germany and in his homeland, New Zealand. In the last few years, Gooch has settled in the UK and works at More4apps as our technical lead in Europe.

Gooch enjoys creating and assisting our customers to implement robust software solutions that meet customers’ needs and will stand the test of time.

In his spare time you might find Gooch down at the local football field playing 8 a-side footy (soccer) on a Sunday afternoon, or running on the streets for fitness; reminiscing of his days competing in national-level athletics.

Alongside his passion for sports, Gooch has an interest in foreign languages and also finds enjoyment in traveling (which is lucky, considering how much we fly him around the world!).

As one of our resident troubleshooters, Gooch isn’t afraid of a challenge and believes in making the most of the opportunities thrown his way. If Gooch was ever to head into a karaoke bar and offered the microphone, his song of choice would be “Love me do” from The Beatles ( it doesn’t require the range of an opera singer).