About Us

More4Apps was formed in the year 2000 by a small group of consultants in Hamilton, New Zealand.  For over 19 years More4Apps have been creating automation and integration solutions for users of EBS with an easy-to-use Excel interface.  

The company remains in private ownership with a board five Shareholder/Directors, governed by a non-executive Chairman.  All five shareholders remain active in management roles within the business.

Company Purpose

More4Apps are specialists in providing software products for both end-users and developers.  The core purpose of all product range is to enable Oracle EBS users to easily upload and download data in order to improve business process efficiency and data accuracy.

Designed and developed with input from customers, More4Apps products include feature-rich Wizards, task specific Loaders and a developer tool that can be easily adapted for myriad specialist uses. A highly regarded support team is on hand for any technical or functional queries with More4Apps products or Oracle. Personal demonstrations are also available by request to help with specific functions related to a particular business area that needs improvement

More4Apps Team awarded Partner of the Year by UK Oracle User Group