Out of the Box vs Customised Programming of Software for Connecting Excel to Oracle

If you want end user applications for data entry and reporting that do not require expensive IT involvement to interface with Oracle EBS, then you are now faced with options. Options that are accurate, efficient, easy to use, and easy to install.

More4Apps have developed and supported 27 Wizards across six* areas of business since 2000, and we are increasingly winning praise for the simplicity of our products and levels of customer support.   Superior to data processing alternatives, More4Apps Wizards offer efficient platforms saving significant time and money for Oracle users.

It’s often been considered that custom coding and ongoing maintenance were common place for anyone wanting to improve data processing and reporting, but this is no longer true.  A conduit for transferring Excel data into Oracle E-business suite is not only easily accessible but inexpensive.

The ‘out-of-the-box’ concept is nothing new.   And we’re the first to admit that it’s not always so straight forward either.    Some companies work through the free trial period with our Wizards and may find enhancements are required. More4Apps can build these enhancements into the product and make these available for other companies who may also identify the same needs for other customers to use.

To install the application requires a DBA to run a couple of scripts and install a Java servlet.  This is the total involvement required from the IT department. Configuration of the spreadsheet involves inserting, deleting or moving of columns.  As with any other Excel spreadsheet, the user can use all Excel functionality including macros.

 Most development teams attempt to reduce the costs associated with custom software by having programming standards and policies to re-use code where available.  These do assist but quite often it’s easier to read a manual and build something from scratch rather than trying to reverse engineer a piece of software.  Others try a platform type solution like Web ADI.  These work for some processes but are not as user friendly as our Wizards, nor designed to load multiple parent/child records at once.

More4Apps Wizards are out-of-the-box and used across hundreds of organizations, are totally end-user focused, and therefore far more economical.

Many of our tools have been continually enhanced since 2000, and therefore are very mature. Requests coming from customers now tend to be more about new functionality available from Oracle.   We’re ready for that and have advanced functional and programming teams available.   That does not diminish our ability to promise straight forward solutions for our clients.   Many of our clients require no enhancements and very little support when using our Wizards.

Compare this to options where there is a high level of customization for a solution where the tool isn’t designed around the Business process or the API Oracle provides. The cost and complexity of development and support required often makes customization highly problematic for many companies.  A modicum of tweaking or carefully planned enhancements based on well tested and highly functional out-of-the-box programs to import data from Excel to Oracle, is nearly always going to be a much more desirable option than customised programming of software.

*Assets, Manufacturing, Projects, Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, Human Resources.

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