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Product Recall Pain Elevated Easily

What happens when an energy transmission company has a component recall across 260 items in 12 warehouses and all the key information is buried in spreadsheets and not on their ERP system

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The Client:

A leading transmission and distribution company is at the forefront of providing integrated solutions for energy transmission, distribution, and smart communities.

Transmission & Distribution serves the North American market with a product offering that meets the market demand for larger capacity, compact design, and environmentally friendly solutions that produce impressive efficiency ratings and excellent results.

They went live with Cloud ERP Applications in 2020. They have a large complex footprint with Manufacturing, Supply Chain and HCM pillars running on Cloud ERP applications.

The Problem

The company introduces new products and revisions regularly. Item and Bill of Material Structure maintenance is a heavy usage and volume-intensive area.

Added to the regular maintenance they were faced with a recall on a component featured in 260 items stocked in 12 of their warehouses.

As new replacement components shipped out expressly to the locations, the Product information managers evaluated the best way to swap out the components in all of the Item and Structure definitions across the inventory organizations.


  • The engineering team had to change quite a few of the Part Numbers on the top level assembled item
  • Finding the defective components at various levels within different Item Structures needed good reliable drill-down and roll-up reports which were not easy to locate and test
  • Many of these parts were already on work orders in process and would require change of material requirements.
  • The Item Maintenance team is shared between business units. Day-to-day maintenance of engineering, prototype and production parts is an ongoing voluminous task by itself and the recall swap was an added workload

The Solution:

The recall components were already on a spreadsheet layout so users evaluate an easy excel integrator solution in the form of More4apps Product Definition Module for Oracle ERP Cloud.

It gives them the ability to run multi-level downloads detecting where the recalled components occurred at any level in the Item Structures. The ease and intuitiveness of use and the simple Excel spreadsheet interface gets them running confidently on the changes very quickly after the solution was adopted. Validation capabilities prior to uploading changes gave them the opportunity to review and ensure changes were accurate.

They are easily able to swap out components and upload the bulk of about 1200 item changes in each warehouse in a fraction of the effort it would have taken.
According to the Item Maintenance Manager the Items and Structures Integrator had paid off many times over already.

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