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When success becomes a double edged sword

When internal procurement processes are so broken that they affect customer satisfaction ratings, you know that you have a huge problem. One telecommunications company grew so quickly that their internal processes just couldn’t keep up - find out how they solved that problem with a simple off the shelf solution.....



Hades Wireless

ERP System

ERP Cloud




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The Client

Hades Wireless is a mobile network operator that offers mobile phone services exclusively in the US East Coast. Established on June 12, 2007, Hades Wireless business model is based on the advance payment and unlimited call services.

In 2014, Fantasy Wireless signed a 2G and 3G roaming agreement with Hades to allow Fantasy customers to use Hades Mobile’s network without charge. At that stage they were a relatively small player in the market with only 60,000 users and 2 small stores, fast forward to the summer of 2018 Hades Wireless had over 50 stores, and over 3,000,000 users.

The Problem

On any given day the company creates between 100 to 300 requisitions, each with 30 or more lines, compared to 2014 where it was only 8 or 9. These requisitions are internal (warehouse) and purchase requisitions from Product Managers for customer orders. Inline with Hades customer service policy, customer order requisitions are entered with the expectation that the order needs to be filled within a 24 hour timeframe.

Getting this data into the requisition system had become a mammoth task; with those responsible spending more time getting data into the requisition system than filling the requisition itself. Users were manually having to enter information line by line or form by form – and even less ideal with this manual entry errors are increased with the risk of typos.

in a nutshell – staff were often waiting days for their requisitions and in frustration some business areas were bypassing entering purchase requisitions, and entering them after the purchase order was created. This was a huge concern with internal auditors flagging this as a problem.

Not only that there was an even more concerning trickle on effect; customer satisfaction ratings were beginning to reflect the length of times for delivery. Negative experiences were being shared and ultimately this was not good for their reputation. .

The solution (or is it?)

Knowing that this issue needed to be solved, Hades implemented the Oracle Cloud interface with limited success. They found that there were templates and catalogs available but they were not flexible enough to suit their needs. Staff training and upskilling on this system also became a huge challenge as Product Manager and Warehouse staff roles had a steady turn over with the average length of time in those roles less than 24 months.

The Realization

On review they found that Oracle ERP Cloud was a little easier to use than their previous ERP, but the generation of purchase requisitions was still proving to be a bottleneck due to the highly manual data entry process.

Hades knew they needed to find another solution, but had also been burnt with bad experiences with “purpose built” consultant-developed tools that had locked them into ongoing costs for updates, changes and adaptations. They also knew they wanted something that had a “plug and play approach”, with limited IT involvement and it could be installed quickly with minimum fuss. Product Managers and Warehouse requestors had access to excel and their previous ERP had Excel upload capabilities – was there a way to capitalize on that?

The Solution - More4apps

Because of their familiarity with Excel, Hades Wireless decided to test More4Apps’ Excel spreadsheet-based data loading tool – ERP Cloud Toolbox Procurement module. This allowed them to put the data loading back into the hands of the end-user. Simply put they were able to create the requisitions and lines directly in a spreadsheet template and this was integrated or uploaded directly into Oracle. This virtually eliminated the need for manual process or extras steps. In addition to this all the data was in the system and up-to-date due to the speed and ease of data loading, stopping the bad practices of frustrated staff.

The Result

After deployment, Warehouse users and Product Managers were entering all the data using the Excel spreadsheets, and keying errors were eliminated with data validated prior to upload. Time spent entering data was reduced by 70% freeing staff up to focus on their more productive things. Plus with it being excel based staff had the flexibility to do this from anywhere, anytime. Training was also no longer a problem as most users just need to know basic Excel functions. They also had the benefit of being able to create, change, adapt and amend the spreadsheet templates they created to suit their unique needs without the need for expensive consultants.

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