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Performance Review Data Capture

It’s that time of year again where the entire organization is running through another round of performance review interviews.  In this day and age it’s essential to spur employees to greater performance through feedback and planning. Is your company undertaking reviews annually, bi-annually or more frequently? Are you capturing this information in your HCM system […]

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Improved Employee Data Management

Reducing Stress for Employees with Improved Employee Data Management The biggest challenge for most human resources departments is your workforce is constantly changing and the more people you have in any organization, the more change you must deal with.   Managing data in relation to the lives of those engaged in the process of working in […]

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Easily Manage the HR Process in Oracle EBS

Employee Wizard is great when it comes to making making frequent updates to employee and assignment information.  It is also ideal for: Updating multiple contacts, addresses or bank accounts. Mass hiring and termination of employees or contingent workers. Managing the salary review process. Meeting the challenge of keeping Oracle up to date! More4Apps Employee Wizard […]

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