Keyboard shortcuts in Oracle Applications

As a user of Oracle E-Business Suite 11i and R12, you probably spend much of your day head down with the Oracle Forms. However, built into the Oracle system are some clever little shortcuts that can help you use the

Oracle Idea labs bring a social media slant to problem solving

The Oracle Idea Labs were created to provide more of a social media slant for getting ideas reviewed and evaluated by both customers and Oracle Development. David Wright discusses how this change can provide positive results for customers.

Today’s challenges for the modern procurement professional

Find out some of the main challenges facing procurement professionals in today's competitive marketplace.

From lap tops to tree tops

More4apps team members planted over 160 trees in an effort to improve the bio-diversity of the local environment and to help build team spirit.

The true cost of spending money

How much does spending money cost you? The truth is, every purchase made by your company costs. Added up across your supply chain, these purchasing costs can have a surprising impact on your bottom line. What’s your company's reason for

A silver lining in a global pandemic?

With businesses looking for efficiencies in all areas due to Covid. Product Lead David Wright asks is there a silver lining in a global pandemic?

Out of the box thinking

See how customer feedback and out of the box thinking transformed More4apps brand.

People focus for new role

Making lives easier and helping people out is one of the reasons David Wright enjoys his role as Product Champion Lead at More4apps, and now he is bringing this focus to his role as an advisor on content for the

The business reality of Covid 19

Is the disruption caused by Covid-19 to your organization requiring massive amounts of data processing? Find out how More4apps helped organisations cope.