Brad Sayer - More4apps Excel to Oracle ERP

Brad Sayer

Support and Design Manager
Born and bred in Hamilton, New Zealand, Brad started his career working in varied office systems before taking on more accounting type roles. Fast forward a few years and he’s supporting and enhancing Oracle E-Business suite, add private contracting into the mix you can see how busy Brad enjoys to be.  With an extensive breadth of knowledge in Oracle technical, functional and accounting, Brad is not short of answers when it comes to helping customers find solutions to their business problems.  This flows on to what he loves most about his job – helping others and where the idea for our products was born. Our super charged founding shareholder Brad is full of energy as you would expect from an active person.  Brad is an energetic player in all aspects of life, whether it’s out and about with friends and family or engaging in one of his many extra-curricular activities.  From driving balls down the fairway, watching (these days) rugby and coaching others to get more out of the game of squash he’s also taken up the sport of rowing (sculling) at the age of 50.  You’re unlikely to catch him on the water at 5am though as he’s too wise for that!  A recent highlight is that “one time” he, along with good friends, rowed 204km along Canal Du Midi through the south of France dodging boats and navigating tight corners and 43 locks along the way. When prompted with the question what would be your choice of karaoke song to sing, “Us against the World” by Coldplay was the answer, however he also insisted that no chairs would be turning around if he sung it on the “Voice”.