Kash Kondapalli | More4apps

Kashyap Kondapalli

Business Development Executive

Kash Kondapalli loves basketball both as a player and a spectator. He enjoys the excitement of top-level American Football, just don’t ask about how the Detroit Sports are doing currently! 

His career in high-level tech sales has seen him develop a real understanding of what the customer experiences when an ERP system is not delivering as it should with successful roles at Oracle and more recently Akamai. He is excited to join the team and help share the difference More4apps products make to organizations. Kash also thrives in a team environment and he is looking forward to bringing fresh ideas to the More4apps team.

His advice for 18-year-old self is:

“Don’t be influenced too much by others. Keep driving as hard as you can to be the best version of yourself. Slow down, take in your experiences; you’re going to meet a lot of awesome people and do a lot of fun, great things, enjoy it. Start Golfing so you actually may be good by the time you’re 30”.