Lily Mazieres

Pre-Sales Consultant USA

Nobody could pronounce her real name (Aurelie for those who dare). Before she joined More4apps as part of the US presales team, Lily enjoyed eating cheese and baguettes in France, like all French people do. Between 2 bites she was helping customers implement and support Oracle EBS.
She now lives near the ocean in sunny California, where she spends most of her free time surfing, kite surfing (basically using a kite to jump and then crash in the water, most of the time), and wakeboarding (basically another sport that ruins your knees before you turn 35).
Lily talks a lot about food and loves cooking and gets grumpy if she is not fed on a regular basis.
She is quite an idealistic fool and still thinks we can save our planet, volunteering at a wildlife care center and solar panel installation association for low-income families.
She likes to say she loves the Australian band AC/DC and not only too annoy her Kiwi colleagues.