Stu Keast - More4apps Excel to Oracle ERPs

Stu Keast

Senior Account Executive

There is a rumor that Stu is More4apps biggest fan. Over the course of 25+ years in the Oracle game, Stu has managed to be a user, implementer, consultant, seller and support for Oracle and More4apps products. After living and working in Auckland, NZ for 12 years, Stu spontaneously decided to move to Australia; no matter where he is, as long as there’s people to talk to he’ll be happy. Day-to-day relationship building with people and businesses is how Stu gets by. In his true consultant nature, helping businesses with their problems and finding solutions is what he enjoys most about his work. He is a well-traveled man who likes to get stuck in and doesn’t mind roughing it a bit, especially when it comes to his motorbike, once riding 20,000km over the space of 45 days. One thing he has never experienced while riding his motorbike is stopping off at a karaoke bar, but, if he happens to make another spontaneous decision his song of choice would be Delilah by Tom Jones.