Think twice before you dismiss spreadsheets as a stop-gap, non-strategic tool for Data Governance and Stewardship.

Organizations largely recognize the need for a structured data governance and data stewardship framework. The conversation has moved on widely from the why to the how stage. Most companies have taken steps in forming a Data Governance structure with assigned stewards especially for key Master data such as Customers. These governance bodies mostly grapple with few templated forms or spreadsheets and self-made processes to tame the complex creature of Customer master data maintenance.

A simple task such as customer data entry broadly goes through these governance steps:

  1. Establish controls to search for duplicates before entering an address or entity
  2. Establish controls for naming standards
  3. Establish process to obtain clearance from trade compliance
  4. Establish controls to segregate access to various aspects of Customer data (for example, Tax information, Bank information, Payment Profiles, Address information etc.)

Templates on Excel spreadsheets or Word document forms abound in these processes.

Below is a schematic with side-by-side comparison of how this process can be achieved traditionally versus using an Excel based connector such as More4Apps Wizards.Rachana- Customer Wizard Blog image

So next time you come across departments sharing processes and crucial master data on spreadsheets, there is no reason to flinch – just tie together the processes and spreadsheets with More4Apps Wizards.

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