Do you have data entry pain points using Oracle Projects module?

15 years ago More4Apps released its first pain-reliever for Oracle Projects, Budget Wizard. After working with local beta customers over many months we were ready, and posted a note on the Projects forum.

Projects users around the world jumped on the opportunity to use MS-Excel for project budgets. Spreadsheets for budgeting is such a no-brainer, the question is, if you are NOT using MS-Excel as the front-end to load budgets into Projects module, WHY not?

We soon received requests for other Excel-to-Oracle tools, so one product became two, then three, and we now have 28 across all modules! Currently the suite sits at five fully fledged “Wizard” tools for Projects module, and a growing collection of small loaders I will describe later.

In descending order, here are the biggest pain-points we have learned Oracle Projects users face;

  • Budgets and Financial Plans
  • Project Tasks
  • Key Member Changes
  • Project Creation
  • Pre-approved Expenditures
  • Billing and Revenue Events
  • Agreements and Funding

Luckily, Projects module is well supplied with APIs so we have been able to provide Excel loaders in all the above areas. There are many more items covered by the tools in the above list. Project Wizard calls 24 different API procedures.

Recently we have been using a generic platform we have named “Upload Wizard” to quickly build small loaders. There are two dozen of these so far and two are for Projects module;

  • Delete Plan Versions
  • OTL Timecards
  • Resource List Members

If you need a quick loader for any Oracle public (or private) API, we can help.

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