Excel Orange Dot Issue

Earlier this month, Microsoft had released a new update to their Office products. This update contained new features and aesthetic upgrades to the Office Suite. One of the impacts of this was a change to the toolbar ribbons along the top of the Microsoft Excel product. This may include the Excel Orange Dot issue for some users.

Our Wizards that used to look like this:

Old Excel user interface

Now appear like this:

Updated Excel User Interface

This new look still offers the exact same functionality along with a sleek new look. However, there was an instance where this automatic update does not complete correctly. This caused a rare occurrence where some icons became an orange dot in the ribbon.

The Excel Orange Dot Issue

We found to rectify the issue, a simple boot in safe mode of Excel then closing the application and re-opening any wizard will resolve this issue.


Written by Paul Hassall – Functional Support Analyst at More4Apps

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