Fresh Updates for Requisition Wizard

A key goal at More4apps is to improve the usability of our products for your end users.  To this end we are focused on a consistent look and feel and improving the supportability of our products to enable shorter lifecycles for new features and fixes.

We have recently released the new version of our Requisition Wizard, it has been through this transformation.  This new version now conforms to the More4Apps common look and feel of both our template layout and data entry forms.

To improve the user experience when transforming data from their source files into the requisition wizard we have aligned the format of the template with our common layout of header columns in one section and line columns in the line section.  This has also removed the need for two different templates depending on whether you wanted to enter a single requisition or multiple requisitions.

Req Wizard Blog Image

Grouping is now determined by the presence of a header row.  All lines including the line on the header row and those prior to the next header row are included on that requisition.  So if you wanted to group by items you would sort your requisition lines by item number and then insert a header record on the first requisition line of each unique item number.  This provides the user with greater control to see what lines will appear on each requisition.

The new version also introduces the feature of auto sourcing previews.  Now you can see what supplier and document or inventory will be used to source each of your requisition lines that the requisition import program is going to use.

Our standard defaulting functionality is now included so you can enter default values based on text, formulas or queries to the database to populate any empty cells in the template at the time of validation or upload.  This enables you to ensure a value is provided for fields that are important to your business processes.

Another new feature introduced to this new version is the ability to download interface data into the Wizard.  This allows you to maintain your interface data and purge unwanted records.

This new version has allowed us to achieve our initial goals.  Our next step with this wizard is to introduce new business features that our users are keen to see.  Your next step can be to visit our website, sign up for our webinar to see the new version in action, or download our new Requisition wizard for a trial. Or check out our other mass data load excel tools for Oracle Applications.

Join us for  a LIVE online Demonstration of Requisition Wizard on the 19th and 20th January 2015 – Details Here

Or check out the TWO Minute Video on Requisition Wizard Here.