Installation Troubleshooting

Installation Instructions

Please ensure that you have followed the steps found in the online installation guide Wizard Products – Installation and Configuration Steps
More4Apps Mobile Products – Mobile Device Installation and Configuration Steps


Our knowledge base “Solutions” can be used to find answers to many common questions.
Go to the Solutions page and search using a keyword like Install or Upgrade or a particular error message.


Wizard Installation Troubleshooting

Database Administrator Checklist

The Database Administrator Checklist provides a list of things the Database Administrator (DBA) can check to make sure packages (and for Release 12 the servlet) have been installed correctly.


Configuration Checklist

The Configuration Checklist provides a list of things a super user / business analyst / implementer can check to make sure the configuration within the wizard has been done correctly .


Upgrading from Release 11i to Release 12

If you have upgraded your E-Business Suite from Release 11i to Release 12 our recommended approach for the More4Apps products would be as follows:
  • Download each product from the Download a Product page. Make sure that you select either 12.0.x or 12.1.x in the ‘Version of Oracle Applications’ field. Run the zip files.
  • Follow the Installation Instructions to do a full install of the Shared Package, Product Package(s) and Servlet.
  • Using the new wizard spreadsheets, set up your list of instances.
  • Your license keys and named users will probably not need to change as they should have been upgraded with the database. However, If your domain has changed you will need to contact us for new license keys.
  • Copy across any templates / worksheets that you still want to use from old workbooks.
  • Test all products against the Release 12 instance(s).

 Error Messages when Logging In

After installation if you experience error messages when logging in, take a look at the Login Error Messages page to find out which step in the installation process may not have been completed correctly.


Where to get help… “Free Installation Support”

If you need our assistance with any installation issues, whether you are trialing a product or an existing client…  please log a case via our online Helpdesk or our Request Product Support page.