Oracle’s Cloud ERP System

Are you thinking about migrating to Oracle’s Cloud ERP system ?

You’re not alone!  We’re having more and more encounters with organizations currently using EBS, and engaged in this very conversation.

It’s a conversation for us at More4Apps too. As soon as the new ERP system was announced we started planning to build a new product suite for it.  For several years we’ve watched the system grow, investigated the technical aspects of the opportunity, and engaged with Oracle to find out their road-map with respect to integration.

We are happy to inform you we have started building our new software suite, starting with two of our most popular Loaders.  We are looking to hear from customers and colleagues to help guide our own product roadmap for Cloud ERP.

However, Oracle themselves have stated that EBS is here to stay, with development and support committed at least until 2030 – possibly longer. And at Collaborate 18, the message was along the lines of a more careful, diligent approach towards migrating to the Cloud ERP, with two key points being made around the decision to move:

  • Current Customizations may not be able to migrate into the Cloud, and businesses need to be certain they can operate in the absence of these.
  • Third-Party integrations may or many not be supported, and careful study of existing or available integrations is advised.

It’s encouraging to hear Oracle are committed to EBS for the foreseeable future, and we are excited to be able to support both our existing EBS customers and those migrating to the new ERP system.

We look forward to sharing updates of our own developments over the coming months.


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