More4Apps Wizards – Download Enrichment

Have you ever wanted to download EBS data into your Wizard worksheet, in the correct format for a quick update of the records, only to find there is no predefined download filter option available in the software?

Now, provided the version of the Wizard you are using has the ‘Custom Query’ ribbon, you can enrich your Wizard’s download functionality without incurring additional costs.

Here’s a real example we received from a customer request and how one can achieve this themselves:

Our customer’s requirements – to download existing Account records for particular provinces.

More4Apps’ response – we prefer not to add any more address fields to the Wizard’s standard download filters as they are held in flexfields and could compromise the Wizard’s performance due to the complexity of this configuration. Instead, use the ‘Custom Query’ Wizard functionality to retrieve the records you need to update, and then use the Wizard’s standard download functionality to populate the worksheet in the expected layout format.

Here’s a summary of how to achieve this:

  1. Write your own SQL query to return the account numbers based on their address data. Any fields in the select statement are available for the Wizard to use as download filters. Each column in the select statement must match the Wizards column name otherwise no data will be downloaded into that column. Use aliases in your SQL select statement to map the data necessary.
  2. Once you are confident the SQL returns the data you expect, arrange for your System Administrator to install the query on your instance as the Query will be available every time users log in with the appropriate responsibility.
  3. Log into the Wizard and run the new query from the ‘custom Query’ ribbon
  4. Once the data is downloaded, highlight the rows in the worksheet and use the ‘Download using sheet data’ button in the main Wizard ribbon. This will populate all columns in the sheet with the expected data. You are now ready to update records using the Wizard where necessary.

Note: Any column that exists in the SQL select can be used as a filter, therefore there’s no requirement to build a separate SQL statements for different address fields you may also want to download by.

View this video that shows the steps above.

Once you have your SQL query constructed this should only take 5 minutes to install and get running.


  • Any field returned in the select statement can be used as a ‘Customer Query’ download filter.
  • Design your own download queries to populate the Wizard with minimal data, for instance, ‘party_id’, and then use the power of the Wizard’s standard download to write data to the worksheet.
  • ‘Custom Query’ is freely available across most of the More4Apps Wizard suite for supported customers.
  • No limit to how many queries can be accessed by Custome Query per Wizard.
  • Simple to use Query Export/Import functionality to transfer to other instances.
  • Enrich the Wizard’s download capability immediately at no additional cost.

We hope you like this article is of use and encourages you to get more out of the More4Apps Wizards!

Brad Sayer
Support and Design Manager