Get a leg-up for your Oracle EBS Order Management systems to gain true agility and better market responsiveness

Pricing has always been a key differentiator for products – today’s world of intense competition has only elevated it furthermore in its importance.  Rapid price-changing capabilities enable quick response to evolving market conditions.  Don’t let yourself be trapped in situations where you are limited by your operational efficiencies or your system constraints in making agile pricing decisions.

Organizations generally have several rounds of negotiations with their repeat customers before arriving at a final price for the quarter/ future period.  We all try to keep away from spreadsheets, but in reality most Business Unit managers end up using simple spreadsheets to work through these initial rounds before freezing it in their enterprise system.

Oracle E-Business Suite comes with a very powerful and adaptive Pricing module enabling your business to implement complex pricing strategies (promotional, volume, cross-order discounts, free goods etc.).  The problem is taking the pricing data from your spreadsheets and getting it into Oracle in an easy way.

There is a way!  If you coupled Oracles Advanced Pricing Module with the speed and agility of the More4Apps Wizards, you can bid adieu to any operational lag in implementing your pricing decisions. More4Apps Wizards enable you to take pricing data directly from your spreadsheets and load it into your Oracle E-Business Suite Price Lists and Pricing Modifiers with a few button-clicks.  What’s more, they perform preliminary validation far beyond what Oracles Interface does so you can rest assured that the data is loaded accurately.

You can add new items on the price list or end-date existing lines sitting in Excel.  Added to that, the Wizard also enables you to download prices based on specified criteria (Pricelist, Item, Customer etc.) and generate quick ad-hoc reports for your internal distribution.  If you are looking for the in-effect pricing as of a certain past, future or current date or trying to compare item prices across multiple Pricelists, you don’t have to weed through multiple Oracle forms or reports any more.  These are simple Excel downloads in the Wizards.

If you also use the Quoting module, More4Apps Sales Quote Wizard helps you quickly load your spreadsheet lines as new Quotes or make updates as the negotiations progress.  Quick current or future Price-books can also be generated for the customer right from Excel without navigating through Oracle responsibilities and reports.

For mass entry or corrections of sales orders, the More4Apps Sales Order Wizard comes in handy with ability to support the entire span of functionality from entering and managing to booking or canceling sales orders along with their Adjustments, Serial numbers, Model configurations et al.

Let More4Apps Wizards take over the mundane task of uploading all your pricing, quoting or sales order information into Oracle modules straight from the Excel spreadsheets that you finalized with your customers.

If you want to see the More4Apps Order Management suite of Wizards in action, join the webinar.

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