Tidy up your Shared Service Center!

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Are you planning to create a shared service center? Worried about the implications associated with creating a shared service center? Or is the operation of current shared service center challenging? Ensure you have the right technology to support your SSC as they are meant to help improve efficiency and productivity within the organization, but without standardized processes things can become messy quite fast.

Shared service centers are a way for businesses to organize the operational functions such as data entry, transaction processing, IT, Human Resources Management, etc. and successfully manage, grow, and improve their businesses and optimize the delivery of cost effective, reliable, flexible services to all of their “clients/ customers”.

However, there is a high risk of failure associated with shared service centers when changing a single function organization into a multi-function one.
The main risk that tends to scare people off migrating to shared service centers is not getting the process right, therefore remain as a single function organization which leads to excess data entry, increased work output among other challenges.

With a shared service center all clients can receive the service in a more efficient way effectively creating happier clients.

If you have a shared service center or your company is planning to implement one, choose ‘a la carte’ the Wizard that is right for the job, and help your shared service center to standardize the processes and increase accuracy and efficiency by minimizing the time needed to enter data within the organization.
All More4Apps products are user friendly with the familiar interface of Excel, with an easy to implement system making More4Apps products an ideal choice for implementation purposes with a simple out-of-the-box solution.