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Take charge of your Oracle Asset transactions. Download Asset Information to Excel for analysis. Make mass additions and alterations, and merge them effortlessly back to Oracle. Avoid the pitfalls of generic data loaders. Keep your information up to date in half the time.

The Asset Wizard has the following features:

  • Additions – Create one, hundreds or even thousands of assets in your corporate books
  • Tax Additions – Download existing assets and add them to your tax books
  • Adjustments – Download existing assets and modify information
  • Capitalize CIP –  Capitalize your ‘Construction in Process’ assets
  • Depreciation – Adjust the depreciation expense
  • Reclassifications – Reclassify assets on to new categories
  • Retirements – Retire assets using cost retirements or partial unit retirements
  • Reinstatements – Reinstate retirements or pending retirements
  • Revaluations – Revalue a single asset, many assets or an entire book
  • Transfers –  Transfer assets between locations, assignments and employees
  • Mass Additions – Prepare existing mass additions including Split and Merge functionality
  • Periodic Production – Interface production information for Unit of Production Assets – Just Added!
  • Source Line Transfer – Transfer source lines from one Asset to another – Just Added!

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Product Screenshot More4apps Asset Wizard for Oracle E-Business Suite
What our Customers have to say...
"A current project is reviewing the need for three other tax books which were abandoned because of time taken to maintain." Customer of Asset Wizard, Retail Sector
What our Customers have to say...
"More4apps Asset Wizard has saved our tax department one day per month. This involved updating asset cost and depreciation methods for 1,100 assets per month across four tax books. Previously this took eight hours and has been reduced to 15 minutes."