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Stocktake Loader

When running a stock take with Oracle, you may be frustrated by the fact that you can only load one stock item at a time, or that tags are generated automatically.  These can add time to an already lengthy process.

It’s possible to speed this process up immensely with this Loader from More4apps.  Download Oracle count and approval information into Excel, and take charge of it. Perform mass loads of stock counts without tying your PC up for hours. Enter new count and approval data and upload in one step. Don’t just count tags – the More4apps loader allows you to add and assign tags easily. Filter pending approvals, identify outliers, and process recounts in a fraction of the time.

The Stocktake Loader has the following features:

  • Creation of new counts at both the sub-inventory and organization levels
  • Update of existing counts
  • Download existing physical stock takes, counts and tags
  • Approval of physical stock take counts.
  • Import information from spreadsheets and other sources to validate and load into Oracle
  • Validation within the spreadsheet ensures the accuracy of the information being loaded
  • Improves productivity and accuracy, and reduces rework

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