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Discrete Jobs Template:

Are your users having to manually create WIP Jobs all the time?  How much easier would it be to make date or quantity changes en masse, all from within Excel?More4apps has created the WIP Discrete Job Loader so you can create and update your WIP Jobs. Users can create standard and non-standard jobs, use different alternates, classes, and routing designators, and assign completion sub-inventories and locators.  Jobs will then be imported into EBS using the standard Oracle Import program ‘WIP Mass Load’, which can be monitored from within Excel.
This loader uses standard interface tables.

WIP Move Transactions Template:

Performing move transactions manually is a very labor-intensive process. If you are overwhelmed with the amount of work involved, maybe its time to find out how to perform move transactions on mass from within Excel.
With this Loader,  users will be able to perform Move, Completion and Return transactions between operation sequences, assign scrap and perform over completion move transactions.  Transactions are imported into EBS via the standard Oracle Interface tables.

WIP Material Requirements Template:

Adding and updating WIP Material requirements in Oracle can be a tedious job, having to go through each record singularly and one by one update and add each requirement.
Now with a new template incorporated into our WIP Loader suite, this no longer is an issue. Load hundreds if not thousands of materials requirements in just a matter of clicks.
Also we support deleting of your materials requirements with this loader!
All Loaders have optional data entry forms to assist with pre-validation and where applicable have concurrent program submission and downloading of relevant data for quick and easy update functionality.


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“With new acquisitions this year, More4apps tool [Employee Wizard] has played a vital role in streamlining our HRMS processes. It has cut our time from hours to a few minutes when doing mass loads for conversions. It is simple, fast and a lifesaver… The benefits of this product and customer service are truly exceptional. They are always open to suggestions and development too. I highly recommend this application for any HRMS department." Roland Cons, Tetra Tech, Inc