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Sales Order Wizard

Sales Order Wizard is the one-stop solution for any of your repetitive, time-consuming order-entry needs.  Our customers use Sales Order Wizard for mass loading of sales orders from customer partners, distributors or external application. Changing warehouse, scheduled dates or quantities on a large number of existing order lines is also a common usage of Sales Order wizard.  

Where are the bottlenecks with your Sales Order maintenance? Is it creating large number of order lines from any external sources. Creating RMA orders with large number of serial numbers. Applying/releasing hold across multiple order lines or cancelling them based on certain search criteria (such as Item). Are your users manually moving between reservations between orders for products?

Typical ROI Expectations for Sales Order Wizard:

Upload 20 Orders with 3 lines each
Data Entry method: Implementation and Development (Min) Year Maintanence (Min) Upload (Sec)
Manual N/A N/A 1560
Data Loader 60 15 940
Own Development 9000 90 2
More4apps 30 60 153

The Sales Order Wizard has the following features:

  • Enter and book multiple sales order lines en masse
  • Downloading sales order information and making any updates (scheduled dates, quantities etc.)
  • Downloading quick ad-hoc orders information on to excel based on specified criteria
  • Booking or cancelling orders
  • Adding or deleting order attachments
  • Adding/ modifying Adjustments on existing order lines
  • Applying or releasing holds
  • Adding or modifying service, contract or serial information on order lines

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