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PO Receiving Wizard

Finding the standard Oracle receiving functionality isn’t fast enough? Would you like to create ASNs before the product even arrives? How about mass loading customer returns via the RMA process?

The PO Receiving Wizard enables you to create, return and correct receipts against Purchase Orders and Customer returns. Using the power of Excel you can download parent data to create your transactions, for example by PO, Sales order, ASN shipment or receiving transaction.

Receipts can be sourced by downloading purchase orders from Oracle into excel. You can then receipt the appropriate number of items, confirm the delivery or return the items to either the supplier or receiving dock.

The Po Receiving Wizard has the following features:

  • Create ASN’s
  • Create PO Receipts
  • Perform Corrections and Returns
  • Receive against RMA’s
  • Download data by various sources, including shipments, purchase orders, receiving data and sales orders
  • Validates then loads receiving transactions into Oracle Purchasing. Processing messages are returned to the spreadsheet

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