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If you work in Finance, the bottom line is always top of mind

Accurate, error-free, and up-to-date financial information is the lifeblood of any organization, and critical for smart decision-making and leadership. The More4apps ERP Cloud Toolbox Finance Module powers up your investment in Oracle ERP allowing timely processing of your Payables invoices to improve both internal customers and supplier engagement, reducing late payment penalties and providing finance with up-to-date and accurate Payables invoice information.

Take away the frustration of data entry via complicated Oracle forms – unshackle your team from the tedium and free up precious time to focus on what really matters. Forget about manual data entry, empower your finance team and create your Oracle Payables invoices from within Excel. Download invoice information into Excel, make the necessary changes, and upload the new invoices. 

Starting with Accounts Payable Invoices the More4apps Finance Module will evolve to address key pain points suffered by Finance teams everywhere all with the end-user experience in mind.

  • User forms to support data entry with Lists of Values
  • Status Columns containing feedback from Oracle
  • Real-time integration via supported web services
  • Download using the form or by entering criteria onto the sheet
  • Download data using wildcards directly into your sheet
  • Invoice matching to PO detail and invoice holds can be uploaded as well as attachments
  • Enter multiple invoices, debit memos, or credit memos, all from one Excel sheet and with a single upload function
  • Download existing invoice information from Oracle Payables
  • Pre-validate information before loading into Oracle
  • Load transactions in bulk from your other data sources via a spreadsheet and improve end-user experience
  • Create Invoices with Header Only (Without Lines)
  • Give users the ability to code an invoice to a general ledger combination (or alias), a project, or a purchase order
  • Create invoices with one or multiple distribution lines per invoice line without needing to use Distribution Sets
  • Reduce the cost of manual invoice processing by slashing data entry time
  • Improve your credit rating and reputation by processing payments quickly and efficiently
  • Foster better supplier relationships by ensuring accurate invoices to help ensure correct payment amounts
  • Vendors can present invoices via an Excel spreadsheet based on your AP template, which can be pasted into your Cloud Toolbox worksheet and uploaded into Oracle directly – save time and reducing errors
  • Manual labor is decreased freeing up time to focus on more important tasks and drive strategic outcomes
  • Reduced time to enter invoices and match POs
  • Improved, more efficient purchase to pay cycle through reduced double handling of information
  • All invoice information is loaded quickly from the comfort of a spreadsheet meaning faster month-end close
  • Reduction in inputting errors as data entry is streamlined and information validated before loading into Oracle
  • Staff are freed from tedious data entry and can focus on better use of time

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Planned Features:


AR Invoices

AR Receipts


General Ledger Journal Entry