Overrun by a host of consignment pull Sales Orders from your Third Party Logistic providers?

Katy is an ambitious and dedicated employee working in the Customer Care department of a fast-growing Fabless Semicon company. Each day she looks forward to coming in and working with her customers and distributors helping sort their needs with order quantities, dates, commitments etc. She enjoys helping people and solving their problems.

The company recently decided to set up consignment locations near its OEM’s to facilitate easy pull of items based on their needs. The third party logistic providers who run and maintain the consignment location warehouses are tasked to send data of pulled item quantities, item stock and replenishment at the end of each day. Katy would come in each morning and find a host of files from these consignment locations and manually process the pull orders into her Oracle EBS system. To add to her woes, each one has their own format and data quirks! On average it would take two hours out of her work day.

Of late, some of the consignment hubs have not been too prompt at sending back their information on time and instead accumulate orders over couple days which throws Katy’s schedule off track for the day.

Come month-ends, the OEM’s have pressures to fulfill a lot of their orders in current invoicing cycle and in turn Katy gets a surge of pull orders that she has to process manually and fast!

With a spike in shipments and Accounting trying to wrap up month-end, Oracle EBS system slows to a grinding death-pace! Inevitably that would mean another late night blowing away her family plans.

So what did she do?

Katy approached her boss and talked about putting in some process to curb this growing menace from consignment locations. The Customer Care and IT Departments explored multiple options but were daunted by the cost, time and testing effort involved in building an automated or semi-automated solution. However as part of the exploration into a solution the Customer Care manager happened to come across the More4Apps Sales Order Wizard.

With the More4Apps Sales Order Wizard, she was able to work with the Third Party Logistic Providers and quickly map their data into a single excel format.

All the orders from all files get extracted as rows in one single spreadsheet. Katy quickly eyeballs if everything looks in order and hits a button to upload the orders in a matter of minutes, not hours!

What’s more, Katy doesn’t have to put her query in Order Organizer and export to Excel and format columns any more. She can now download her order information per any specific criteria straightaway into Excel to provide ad-hoc reports for her company.

Nowadays Katy is able to focus on her main task of liaising with customers and resolving their issues. Her evenings are no longer disrupted be it month-end or year-end!

If you are struggling with similar issues then the More4Apps Sales Order Wizard could be the solution you are looking for.

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