Performance Review Data Capture

It’s that time of year again where the entire organization is running through another round of performance review interviews.  In this day and age it’s essential to spur employees to greater performance through feedback and planning.

Is your company undertaking reviews annually, bi-annually or more frequently?

Are you capturing this information in your HCM system to allow management to easily monitor employee progression?

If so, is this a tedious exercise that must be repeated for hundreds and thousands of employees multiple times a year?

Is your HCM performance review information up to date?  Or does the length of time it takes to enter the data encourage procrastination?

Let’s take a look at the following example of this process from a company I worked at:

It was time for the dreaded annual meetings where direct line managers went into negotiations with senior management to discuss pay raises for their staff. The company had a disciplined bi-annual process of conducting formal performance reviews meetings with over 400 staff, twice a year, and all the information was recorded in word documents.

The problem was senior management had no mechanism for capturing employee progression across the organization in a central system that could be subsequently analysed and reported on. They turned up to the annual “bun-fight” cold and ill-prepared for what might happen. They often had their own perceptions of staff which made the negotiation process much more difficult. These meetings took managers out of the day to day running of the company for days when they didn’t need to.

Staff were sometimes overlooked due to the lack of centralised performance information, when management could have been actively involved in identifying them and taking steps to secure improved performance.

The decision was made, let’s record the performance reviews in Oracle e-Business Suites HCM. There are already forms available for this at the employee assignment level and plenty of flexibility to gather other information through the use of configuration options and descriptive flexfields.

The system was setup and data was duly entered but it soon became apparent that while the information was at hand, it was taking days to record the information in the HCM application.  Other priorities took over and before long the information was long out of date and the same problems returned.

How did they get around this pain point?

This company is now using More4Apps Employee Wizard where Excel template sheets are completed by managers as performance reviews are completed and emailed to the HCM team. This data is then validated and uploaded using the Wizard in minutes rather than days.

More4Apps provide Excel based software that integrates with Oracle’s E-Business Suite.  One of our products is called Employee Wizard.  It is designed to mass create and maintain Oracle employee records. Performance Review data is a small component of how this tool can improve your employee data maintenance across your entire company.

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