Pricing & Licensing

How to Buy

To request a quote or any information regarding pricing and licensing, click here:

After you have contacted us for pricing information we will contact you to discuss the type and number of user licenses required. Preferred method of payment is by Telegraphic Transfer. Unfortunately no credit card payment facility is available at this time.

Pricing and Licenses

Two license options of Perpetual and Conversion are available for on-going use of the software in an operational capacity.

Perpetual License

This license option is suitable for on-going use of the software in an operational capacity. The license price is payable once only.

Conversion License

This license option allows the software to be used for 3 months at a reduced price. The license price is inclusive of support.

After the 3 months period, the software automatically reverts to trial version functionality.  At any time, the license may be upgraded to a ‘Perpetual’ license upon payment of the difference between the full and conversion license price.


Support is 25% of the Perpetual License price per annum. This includes upgrades and enhancements. Support is facilitated via a helpdesk available on our website or by telephone.

Although you are not required to purchase the support agreement we do recommend it, as we often add new features and Oracle make changes to their product which requires us to adapt our software accordingly.

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