AR Invoice Wizard

This version of AR Invoice Wizard has now been superseded by AR Invoice API Wizard

While continued bug support will be provided for this Wizard, enhancements will no longer be considered. This version of AR Invoice Wizard is now referred to as the ‘Legacy’ version.  If you require the Legacy AR Invoice Wizard, you can request it via the Request Product Support page.

The Legacy AR Invoice wizard has been superseded by the new AR Invoice API Wizard (released 28-Aug-2014, version 7.0.0.). As its name suggests this new version uses the Receivables API’s to create transactions and negates the need for the complex configuration of AutoInvoice and the Receivables Interface.

You are welcome to upgrade to the AR Invoice API Wizard at your earliest convenience taking care to test thoroughly. This will enable you to continue to enjoy new features as they are released.

AR Invoice Wizard (Legacy) enables you to create your Oracle Receivables invoices from Excel.  Use Excel to download existing invoices and then make changes to create new invoices and credit memos.  These can then be loaded directly to Oracle Receivables.

AR Invoice Wizard (Legacy) features the following:

  • Create AR Invoices and AR Credit Memos from Excel
  • Uses AutoInvoice and the Receivables Interface tables
  • Enables the loading of attachments
  • Downloads existing invoice information from Oracle Receivables
  • Pre-validates information before loading into Oracle
  • Empowers your end-users to load transactions in bulk