EAM Work Management Loader

Manage large amounts of Work Order data with a completely integrated Enterprise Asset Management Work Order Loader from More4Apps.

With this tool, users can leverage the power of Microsoft® Excel® and its features such as copy & paste or the Loaders defaulting feature to easily mass import your Work Orders and Work Order updates.

Using the EAM Work Order Loader with Oracle e-Business Suite helps you and your organization work more efficiently, with faster data processing and higher accuracy levels, freeing talented staff from mountains of  tedious data entry.


Managing property leases can be easily handled on mass with the More4Apps Property Lease Loader.

Creating, editing or amending your leases in bulk is no longer the cumbersome task it used to be with our excel-based loader. Manage Lease Locations, billing and payment details or add and modify Contacts or dates across multiple leases. Easily replicate updates across multiple leases using the power of excel. View and share only the pertinent data from your Leases using our Template functionality.

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