Physical Stock Take and Approval Loader

    Would you like a way to mass load the stock counts in a fast and efficient way that doesn’t tie up your PC or require babysitting?

    More4Apps has a pre-built Excel loader for you to perform physical stock take counts and approvals. Using the power of Excel you can download count and approval information, enter the count and/or approval data and simply upload.

    INV Physical Stock Take Loader Oracle

Physical Stock Take Counting

    This is more than a simple stock counting template. Simply download the generated count data you wish to load, enter the count information and upload to Oracle.

    Oracles standard API allows you to count tags, if you want to add tags or assign items to tags, then the More4Apps stock take loader is the solution you need.

Physical Stock Take Approvals

    You’ve just completed a large physical count, now you need to approve the adjustments… There are so many of them and to do them line by line is so slow.

    With More4Apps you can download the pending approvals, re-organize those you approve and separate the outliers where a recount may be required.

Customer Quote

“Physical Stock Taking load and approval process used to take 6 hours per warehouse, now it’s a 15-minute operation.”
– Automotive Manufacturer