Streamline data entry tasks in Oracle EBS with a simple yet powerful Excel-based WIZARD, and not only will you save time; you’ll also reduce error rates.

At More4Apps we created a range of software tools with the sole objective of releasing talented staff from repetitive data entry tasks, and releasing them for more productive work.  The software tools we built do just that: reducing keystrokes, integrating with other areas of EBS, and slicing data entry time by significant factors.

The range of Wizards and Loaders operate across all areas of Oracle EBS where the HTML forms are cumbersome, and where Oracle provides a robust web service through which our Wizards can upload and update data.

Wizards and Loaders, what’s the difference?

Wizards are designed firstly by More4Apps Oracle experts who understand the business requirement for each process.  The functional design of each Wizard is created to answer specific user needs, and to integrate with the available public APIs offered by Oracle.  They are then  built by our development team from the “ground up”  to complete a range of tasks and ensure integration with other areas of Oracle EBS. 
In contrast, our Loaders are have mostly been built to perform a specific task as briefed by a customer. They are built on a development platform called the Application Interface Wizard that allows us to build them much more quickly and easily than the Wizards and as a result they often have a very specific purpose – and can be more cost effective as a result.

Here’s an example…
Project Wizard allows you to enter the definition of the project (task, customer, assets, key persons, etc.) while Loaders are very specific in terms of functionality, for example, the PA Unassigned Asset Lines Loader can assign UNASSIGNED asset lines in Oracle Projects module. With this loader, UNASSIGNED asset lines can be fully assigned or split into different assets, but nothing else.

Would you like to develop loaders yourself?

Check out the Application Interface Wizard that forms the backbone for our range of Loaders.  If you are frustrated by WebADI, like to retire those old .csv SQL*Loader scripts or create loaders to really help out your end users then this is the ideal product.  Development is quick and easy because you do most of the design and development in Excel.  For more details click here Application Interface Wizard.

Our products enable companies to:

  • increase productivity, reducing data-entry time and associated costs;
  • empower end-users to load large numbers of transactions, reducing dependency on specialist IT resources for data-loading;
  • increase accuracy by validating information prior to loading;
  • implement tools that are easy to use & learn with Microsoft Excels familiar look-and-feel;
  • reduce the time to implement and deliver solutions, no client installation or in-house development is required.

Use the power of Excel to improve productivity, increase accuracy and reduce re-work; and give managers the confidence that the reports they receive from Oracle EBS reflect current information.

For MORE information on the range of wizards we offer, you can either:

1) Take a look at our Product Guide

2) Request a Demo from our team of experts and see your new loaders in action.

Turbo-boost your data entry into Oracle, slash data entry time and improve staff productivity.

Reduce month-end delays waiting for processing to be completed, and give managers more confidence that reports they receive from Oracle reflect current information.