Sourcing Wizard

Major Product Release

To be tested before implementation to users.

We are excited to announce that a new version of the Sourcing Wizard is now available on our website. This is a major release of Sourcing Wizard which has significant architecture changes and performance updates.

This release also introduces templating to better control access to functions with the Wizard and the default behavior of columns. System Administrators may wish to take advantage of this new feature.

Whilst our team of developers has tried to maintain the same look and user interaction, some functionality has been modified.

You cannot use your previous template/worksheets in this new version as the layout structure of the Wizard has changed with the addition of Upload Action columns and Ribbon changes.

While we still support previous releases of Sourcing Wizard, we can better react to enhancement requests and issues raised on this new version as it’s built using our latest architecture.

Please plan your upgrade to this release accordingly. It will require significant testing and users will need to become familiar with the functional changes. Please ensure you allow enough time for this transition.

Key benefits of the new version:
  • Major improvements in performance and memory management, allowing greater volumes of data processing
  • Expanded Template functionality to enable you to customize worksheets to better meet your business needs
  • Ability to process multiple actions (create, update, delete) in the same worksheet at the same time
  • Enhanced Download
  • Modernized Ribbon and colors to improve usability
Please Read the Attached Documentation before you install the new Product:
Download the latest version or create a Support Request if you need any further help: