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A Federal Agency finds a clever way of managing huge Projects, Tasks and Budgets under tight resource limitations.

Vinh Huynh, Presidio Trust

The Presidio of San Francisco is managed by two federal agencies in partnership: 300 acres along the coast are managed by the National Park Service, while the rest of the Presidio, 1,191 acres, is managed by the Presidio Trust.

Presidio Trust undertakes roughly about 400 building, construction or maintenance projects of varying sizes each year and meticulously tracks project costs and returns.

The problem

Using the power of Oracle E-Business Suite Projects modules, they are able to aggregate costs, enter and follow budgets, as well as report project returns accurately across the hundreds of tasks being tracked under each project. But as they operate with a very lean Project Accounting team, the herculean task of entering tasks and budgets at the start of each fiscal year for each of the hundreds of projects is possible only with the help of deft accelerator tools like the More4apps Wizards.

Every October, the fiscal year’s projects are entered with 3 budgets – one for each of prior-year, current year and inception-to-date. Some of the budgets are at project tasks level resulting in about 800 budgets to be loaded for the fiscal year, a labor intensive 2 weeks task for 4 people.

The solution:

More4apps Projects and Budgets Wizard were adopted by Presidio users when they were cutting over entire projects data to a new set of books. Historically they used Excel templates as a starting point for their first-cut project plan with different templates covering capital, sponsored and operating projects. After capital was approval, users would enter them manually into the standard Oracle forms.

More4apps Wizards liberated them from those cumbersome HTML forms. They were instead able to copy data from their Excel worksheets, into the WIzards’ templates which integrated directly with  EBS through well-supported, standard Oracle interfaces. The Presidio Excel templates could now be straightaway adapted into the More4apps Wizards’ layout and uploaded into Oracle EBS with easy validated-upload functionality.

The tools not only saw them through this short-term task but has ever since been their aide in speeding up their Projects and Budgets annual entry.  They have also been helpful for ongoing data maintenance via the familiar comfort of excel spreadsheets.

And in October the fiscal year budget process has been transformed! No longer a labor-intensive 2 weeks’ task for about 4 people it is reduced to a 2-days job for 2 people ensuring the Projects and Budgets rolling for the fiscal year on time every year.

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