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How a Large and Complex Master Data Migration Task Was Completed in Record Time

Matt Lechner, TKC Holdings, Inc.



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Moving from a legacy system to Oracle E-Business, whilst amalgamating three businesses AND conducting a data cleanup!

TKC Holdings is a group incorporating three companies involved with the provision of catering and personal care items to the Corrections Dept and the hospitality industry.

During the process of amalgamation, we migrated from an old AS400-based system to Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1.3 and the business agreed it was timely to incorporate a data cleanup after the migration to Oracle.

Many of the business processes were left in place from the old system with the intention that they would be redefined once the new system was implemented and understood by end-users. In order to create new customers, enter and maintain data, and clean up old data, we incorporated several custom forms and utilized a third-party tool.

Our Challenge:

The Standard Customer functionality is very complicated in Oracle. This meant our data entry personnel had to be very well educated on the ins and outs of the system. They needed to have a complete understanding of Party, Account and Site level data and how it all integrates. Large data changes were not easy to manage with the limited accessibility of the custom functionality for our employees.

The Solution:

The first thing we did was to create a custom form that allows the creation of new ‘Ship To:’ sites to current accounts, as well as the creation and update of account contacts. Courtesy Products, our business which provides innovative in-room coffee service to hotels and motels, sends many samples to new prospects in order to generate new business. By creating the Sites Form, we were able to save valuable time for the salespeople. They can now enter a new site in as little as five minutes. Additionally,  the contacts for the accounts in the hotel industry change frequently.

Secondly, we sought out third-party solutions to help us create and update data in the Customer Standard. Fortunately, we discovered the Customer Wizard from More4apps. This tool works with a Microsoft Excel front end and is easily configurable to only use the required fields. Data can be easily downloaded for a single customer or many customers. Changes are then made in the spreadsheet and uploaded back into Oracle. We have been able to download customer lists and data for a specific salesperson, have them make all of the changes all at once. This saves a lot of time in cleansing the data.

Keefe Corporation, another TKC company, has four different lines of business. It is possible for a customer to be a customer for multiple lines of business, however, they need a separate account for each one. We use More4apps Customer Wizard to download a current account, edit the needed data and then upload in order to create a new account for the new line of business. We can literally create a new customer in less than five minutes.


We had a number of cumbersome legacy processes in order to get and maintain data in Oracle. We have been able to utilize a third-party tool by More4apps in order to easily cleanse data, make data changes and create new customers in our system, and have now created a new customer creation form that will streamline our customer creation process. All of these tools have, or will, make our system much more user-friendly and retain the integrity of our data into the future.

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