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Product Forecast

Working in Oracle ERP Cloud like a Pro

60 Minutes

Harnessing the power of Oracle ERP Cloud or struggling to gain traction? If your organization is missing out on the benefits within the platform, take back control with these easy tips as we go over our Oracle ERP Cloud Toolbox! 

Oracle and More4apps Expert Andrew Gooch hosts our first Oracle ERP Cloud Product Forecast to showcase tips and tricks associated with our newest product offering.

In this session you will learn:
  • Why “America’s second largest sandwich chain” uses sophisticated yet simple Oracle ERP Cloud and More4apps technology
  • Why Oracle offerings aren’t perfect and how they affect the bottom line
  • How Oracle’s usability limitations equate to gaps within your organization and how More4apps acts as a plug for those gaps
  • What More4apps will be offering soon in the near future and what it means for you*

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