UKOUG Webinar - NEW from More4apps: A better way to load Procurement Data into Oracle ERP Cloud. | More4apps

Thursday 28th May at 12pm

Be among the first to see More4apps’ just-released ERP Cloud software, and learn about the significant improvements already experienced by pre-release customers.   Join Gareth Swales, Andrew Gooch and Lily Mazieres as they share what they have learnt about Oracle’s inbuilt data loaders, and take a virtual tour through the new ERP Cloud Toolbox Procurement module.    Attendees will receive a white-paper on the inbuilt data loading options available for ERP Cloud, to help you understand how they work and their ideal use cases.

Expect an ERP Cloud roadmap and real-life examples. A must-see session for anyone using ERP Cloud or thinking about moving to ERP Cloud.

  • Learn about highly regarded data ingestion tools for use with Oracle ERP Cloud, and discover the roadmap for future releases throughout 2020.
  • Hear from the FIRST users the new product, about their ROI, Implementation, and learnings.
  • Understand the issues facing some ERP Cloud users and gain insight into the capabilities of ADFDI and FBDI functionality included with ERP Cloud.
Details: Thursday 28th May at 12pm UKST

Organizer: Gareth Swales Andrew Gooch and Lily Mazieres