Product 101 Webinar – Customer Wizard for Oracle EBS

Product 101 Webinar – Customer Wizard for Oracle EBS

When performing data management tasks with an E-Business Suite like Oracle, you might find that the capability just isn’t there to achieve some of the mass data management processes that you’d like to.

That’s why More4apps developed the customer wizard for Oracle, a custom form for Excel that simplifies data loading, manipulation, and cleansing.

We are the market leader in Oracle EBS spreadsheet loading tools, streamlining the process of Oracle EBS data management for customers around the world and empowering data teams to get more done.

In July 2021, More4apps’ lead product developer, Andrew Gooch, gave a live demonstration of More4apps Supplier Wizard in action. He discussed how it can improve businesses’ current supplier data management processes, such as the American Red Cross, and how organizations can effectively use and manipulate master data with the Supplier Wizard.

More4apps organize product 101 webinars to showcase our most popular wizards and loaders. Our webinars provide insight on how businesses can improve their data management processes to current and new customers.

Mass Data Management Challenges

If your company has a large number of customers, mass data management can be painful. Data loading problems can become even more pronounced after a merger when inbounding to your E-Business Suite will create many more new customers at once.

With our custom Excel master template – which directly connects to your Oracle EBS – you can import customer data, make changes to large datasets, and export data back into Oracle in no time at all. In short, it makes data entry a thing of the past.

Key Features of the Customer Wizard

More4apps’ customer wizard for Oracle EBS functions as an Excel frontend. You’re able to perform all the standard Excel functions with our wizard and access more tools to help you with your data loading. 

Actions that you can accomplish with our customer wizard include:

  • Make changes to multiple data sets at once, including customer details and pricing information
  • Re-upload the data into your Oracle EBS data management system quickly and efficiently
  • Consolidate data from various sources, for example, in the event of a merger, and upload it to Oracle at once
  • Create customers directly in the interface
  • Perform mass deactivation of customers without having to view each customer one at a time in Oracle EBS

How the Customer Wizard Can Help

Our customer wizard simplifies the process of mass customer data management. Gone are the days of mundane data entry tasks – with More4apps’ data loading tools, you can perform mass changes to your customer data, leaving more time to focus on other parts of your business.

Case Study: American Red Cross

At the American Red Cross, every volunteer is considered a customer. With 90% of the association’s work undertaken by volunteers, the company has a vast amount of customer data management. 

With the More4apps customer wizard for Oracle EBS, the American Red Cross was able to:

  • Perform mass data cleansing
  • Update customer records quickly and efficiently 
  • Improving data processing time

Consequently, the American Red Cross reduced their customer data processing time from a matter of weeks to just two days – leaving them with more time to focus on their life-saving disaster relief work.

Transforming Your Data Management with the Customer Wizard

Our customers see great value in the More4apps customer wizard, which simplifies mass customer data management by working seamlessly with your E-Business Suite. With it, you can perform data entry on the fly, streamlining standard processes like data cleansing and migration. If you want more insight into how our customer wizard can transform your master data management processes, discover our product 101 webinars. Product expert Lily Mazieres demonstrated how the customer wizard could accelerate your Oracle EBS data management processes in our most recent webinar.

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