Simplifying Data Migration to EBS

Featured in CIO Applications To 10 Oracle Solution Providers – 2019

One of the most significant issues for Oracle users is the time it takes to upload data into the forms within E-Business Suite (EBS). Even though Oracle has provided multiple updates to the EBS user interface, from the original character-based telnet forms, GUI client/server forms to Java and HTML forms, they remain cumbersome in terms of data entry, requiring multiple keystrokes for every record. In order to maximize their ROI from Oracle, businesses need desktop software that is easy to use and configure and has robust integration with the Oracle EBS.

More4Apps, a New Zealand-based software provider, has developed a practical solution to address this need. The company’s data processing tools for Oracle EBS are designed to clear the data entry bottlenecks that can impact the efficiency of functional divisions and the profitability of businesses. For almost two decades, the tools have been supporting business process management strategies by enabling functional managers to identify data uploading issues and solve them quickly, without the need for costly IT consultants, freeing resources for more productive activities.

Initially, More4Apps team focused on developing a solution that could integrate the familiar environment of Excel with the available gateways within Oracle EBS. The solution had to understand the configuration of each instance and be deployable in minutes, rather than involving their clients in massive implementation projects. The concept of Wizards was created, starting with core business processes, Accounts Payable & Receivables and Project Accounting. Now More4Apps’ range of over 30 Wizards and 16+ Loaders (designed for specific tasks) covers a raft of functionalities within Oracle EBS. “With our Excel-based Wizard, a user can create or update hundreds, even thousands of records in lightning speed compared to manual data entry in EBS forms,” remarks Brad Sayer, founder and head of support and design, More4Apps. The Wizard data is pre-validated before uploading into EBS via Oracle’s supported gateways. Customers regularly report that the simpler user interface results not only in time and cost savings but also in significant improvements in data accuracy. Data loading tools such as these make it possible for individuals tasked with business process improvements to implement the changes they identify. “One client of ours was able to save $890,000 through a series of process improvements that were possible only with our BOM Wizard.” This is the reason the company has garnered a client base of big organizations such as Jack in the Box, Best Buy, Starbucks, and Amazon.

Sayer continues, “One of our most important values as a team is in that ‘people matter.’ This includes our customers, their staff, and also our people.” More4Apps’ website and blogs are full of testimonials and case studies that exemplify this, such as the story of on of their client’s system administrators who worked on the weekends so as not to interfere woth other Oracle taks when undertaking mass data entry in Oracle Projects. Brad mulled over the particular issue and replied to the customer with a step-by-step instruction on how to use the existing Wizards they owned to simplify the process of creating opening balance receivables transactions via Oracle Projects.

More4Apps is set to develop cloud-based data entry tools for new Oracle ERP Cloud at the request of customers. As an Oracle Gold Partner, the company is well positioned to develop a range of integration tools for the new system. More4Apps is also leveraging its intimate knowledge of the existing EBS and close working with a customer to develop data loaders for the Oracle ERP Cloud.

Brad Sayer
Support and Design Manager