What are Slow Product Returns Costing You?

Slow product returns processing leads to unhappy customers!

Is your RMA (Return Material Authorization) approach in Oracle working, or is it trapped in complex processes?  Getting the RMA returns process wrong causes external and internal disputes and problems.

For customers:

  • Missing or incorrect RMA documentation
  • Issues with incorrect or missing product returns
  • Incorrect invoices and statements

For Your Organization:

  • Inaccurate sales and return data
  • Distort inventory valuation
  • Messy logistics
  • Customer Frustration

Ideally you should be able to create RMA’s quickly and easily, with the returns process simplified with more than just an Oracle form to receipt each RMA and items one at a time.

If you have customers capable of sending you spreadsheets filled with returns then all is not lost!

Oracle provides the capability to import RMA sales order data into order management. They have also improved the Receiving interfaces to support RMAs (Since 11.5.10) so you can avoid manual data entry.

The challenge in employing Oracle’s import functionality is providing a user interface that can transform the various formats of this external contract information into the format required by the Oracle interface program.   More4Apps has developed an end user friendly interface using our standard Excel Wizard approach.  The functionality of the Wizard allows users to rapidly transform customer RMA requests and  Receipts into inventory in a simple user friendly way.

This is especially useful if you are dealing with serialized or lot-controlled items. If you can receive a list of serial numbers or lots and quantities from your customers as part of the returns process,  then you can simply paste them into Excel and load them via the PO Receiving Wizard.

Using the Sales order Wizard to Create the RMA, and the PO Receiving wizard to receive the product is an ideal solution used by our customers to improve their RMA process.  Our Excel solution allows multiple RMAs to be processed in one batch and the subsequent returns to be completed within a single load.

From the creation of the Sales Order RMA’s to the Returning of product.  We have helped companies turn a cumbersome and difficult process into something simple!

No one likes their products being returned and our upcoming PO Webinar we’ll show you how to make the returning of items a simple and easy process for your users.