Solving some of the Oracle E-Business EBtax for GST challenges

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There are some common challenges to setting up Oracle E-Business eBTax for GST regardless of the Country legislating GST.  For example, the ability to handle GST on imported goods is often the responsibility of the importer or receiving entity.

If the overseas supplier’s invoice doesn’t have GST on it how do you cater for that in Oracle E-Business Suite?  Setting up GST in Oracle E-Business eBTax requires knowledge of the legislation, knowledge of the eBTax module, planning and then the execution of that setup. The eBiz Answers tax solution can accelerate this setup using standard Oracle functionality with solutions fully compliant with the legislation of your tax authority.  Then there is the challenge of the creation and maintenance of tax details for suppliers and customers.

Learn how to create and update suppliers and customers a lot easier and faster using More4Apps. Transaction challenges such as complying to tax point rules (i.e. the date of supply vs the invoice date) can also be addressed by utilizing More4Apps.

If you have previously relied on the ERS function to create invoices automatically on receipt of goods then you can use More4Apps AP Invoice wizard to match against the receipt number and adjust the invoice date to comply with the tax point rules.

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