EBS Installation Guide

EBS Installation Guide

Installation & Configuration

View the chart below and select the content most suitable to your needs.

Video: EBS Toolbox Solution Installation for EBS 12.0 or 12.1
Video: EBS Toolbox Installation for EBS 12.2 & Beyond
Video: Connecting EBS Toolbox Solutions to your Oracle Instances
Video: Entering Licenses & Named Users for EBS Toolbox Solutions
Video: EBS Toolbox Solution Installation & Licensing
Online: Installation & Configuration Guide

When using the Online guide go to section 2. Steps – Installation and Configuration. Make sure that you follow all of the steps. A common issue is that the packages are not installed into the database (please refer to step 3).

Shared Installation Script

When you download a More4apps EBS Toolbox product, two links will be emailed to you:

  • Shared installation script like install.zip
  • Product installation file like Asset_Wizard_1.1.72.zip

The shared installation script installs the m4aps_xml package that is shared across all More4apps tools. If you are installing multiple products, you will only need to run the ‘Shared Installation Script’ once per Oracle instance.

The product installation file installs the specific product package(s) required for the associated tools, each product installation file needs to be installed once per Oracle instance.

If our support team request that you install the latest “Shared Installation Script” or “XML Package”, click on one of the links below.  (NB. If you have downloaded a product you will also have the same link in your email). Choose the script that relates to your instance of Oracle (i.e. Release 11i or 12).

R11i Shared Installation Script.
R12 Shared Installation Script.

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