ERP Cloud Toolbox Installation Guide

ERP Cloud Toolbox Installation Guide

Installation and Registration

Please select either the Video or Online Installation guide linked below:

Online – ERP Cloud Module and Add-in Installation Guide

Online – Registering your ERP Cloud Module

When using the Online guide for installation, ensure to begin at the ‘Installation’ section and follow the steps as you progress through the document.

BI Reports

When you download the More4apps Modules you will also get BI reports within the zip file downloaded.

These are required to run the Cloud Modules. Ensure the reports have been installed following the BI Report installation steps in the links below:

Video – Steps to install and set up BI Reports

Online – Installing BI Reports


Our products are compatible with 19d Oracle ERP Cloud Environments and higher. Below are details of our software requirements:

Excel and OS Versions


Excel 2016 (64bit) & Windows 10


Excel 2013 & Windows 10
Our products may work with earlier versions of Windows or Excel but we do not test or formally support these releases.

Required Software

.NET 4.6.2 Framework (Only applicable to Windows 7)

The installation process automatically detects for this framework. If the framework is not detected, the installer will prompt you to install it.

Windows 10 operating systems already have this framework installed.

Not Supported

Apple Mac. Our cloud solution is a VSTO add-in, and are based on COM technology which doesn’t exist on Apple Mac.
Office 365 (Cloud Edition).The browser-based spreadsheet is not related to the desktop version of Excel. Our cloud solution is a VSTO add-in, and are based on COM technology which doesn’t exist in Office365(Cloud Edition).In order to use the More4apps Modules, your users must continue to use the Desktop editions of Excel.Please ensure that your Office 365 implementation takes this into account.
The Desktop edition is available with the Office 365 ProPlus licensing option.
Google Sheets

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