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More4Apps to join the Cloud

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) market has seen a high level of disruption and hesitancy around the introduction of Oracle’s Cloud Fusion platform in recent times. More4Apps, a NZ-based software integration specialist known for its Excel based Oracle EBS integration tools, has now confirmed it will be building product for Cloud ERP. “We’re overwhelmed by […]

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Migrating to Oracle's Cloud ERP System

Oracle’s Cloud ERP System

Are you thinking about migrating to Oracle’s Cloud ERP system ? You’re not alone!  We’re having more and more encounters with organizations currently using EBS, and engaged in this very conversation. It’s a conversation for us at More4Apps too. As soon as the new ERP system was announced we started planning to build a new […]

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Excel Orange Dot Issue

Earlier this month, Microsoft had released a new update to their Office products. This update contained new features and aesthetic upgrades to the Office Suite. One of the impacts of this was a change to the toolbar ribbons along the top of the Microsoft Excel product. This may include the Excel Orange Dot issue for […]

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Re-Skin the Beast – Redesigning Oracle EBS for Users with User Interfaces that Work

Oracle EBS is a great piece of software; it supports many business functions and is easy to tweak and change. Over the years, Oracle has provided multiple updates to the EBS user interface. From the original character-based telnet forms, GUI client/server forms through to using Java and HTML forms. They’ve even provided some nice ways […]

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Maintaining Master Data in Oracle EBS

LIVE Demo online in March – Details In recent times we have seen dramatic improvements in database processing capabilities, partially due to more affordable hardware.  These changes have drawn the attention of many organizations as a way to be more competitive.  Improvements such as including faster and more reliable networks, mobile expansion and more user-friendly […]

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