Tasks, Tasks, Tasks!!! Oh and Key Members!

Think of the biggest data entry hassles in Projects module and these two may come to mind.

Do you spend hours creating or updating Tasks?

We’ve seen all sorts of requirements over the years, from loading a single new Task onto hundreds of projects on a regular basis, a conversion project where over a hundred thousand Tasks were loaded into a single project and updating existing Tasks when a project has slipped and end dates need to be extended.

Are you struggling to keep up with Key Member updates?

Project Key Members change roles, join or leave organizations all the time. When a change occurs, all their projects need to be re-assigned.

You can cut the time it takes for these changes to a fraction by leveraging the power of Excel and Project Wizard.

With Project Wizard you can download Project information straight into Excel, make your changes and upload straight back into Oracle EBS.  In fact you can update multiple projects in a single keystroke.

And that’s just the simple stuff.  Project Wizard handles the complexities such as:

  • Work plan and Financial Structures
  • Versioning / Publishing
  • Process Structure updates
  • Task Display Sequencing

Please contact myself to arrange a demo where  you will learn how to remove the drudgery from your Task and Key Member maintenance and more, using the power of MS-Excel and More4Apps Project Wizard.

Bruce Doig, bruce.doig@more4apps.com