The Woes of the Period-End Process

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It’s that time of the month again where you know you will be working late when everyone else has gone home, where there will be no plans for after work, and you must manage to stay focused with the sound of vacuum cleaners around you… Yes it’s month end for the Accounting department again!

You also know that for a few days you will be reconciling balances with other departments, creating additional journal entries, reporting to corporate (and to your local tax authority), and many more things that you and your colleagues must have completed by the same time to meet your ever decreasing month-end deadlines. Fingers crossed your data loading tool works as expected as your IT support has gone home!

If your company is using Oracle E-Business Suite as the main ERP system and you have been involved for quite a while with the General Ledger module you’ll know that there’s a way to marry the accountants’ favorite, MS Excel with Oracle EBS. You can use MS Excel templates from previous months to upload journals without rekeying them one by one in the clunky Oracle forms.

The tool Oracle provides to upload Journal Entries from Excel is commonly known as ADI, and it’s been around for quite a while now. In the 90’s it was known as GLDI and in order to make it work, you needed IT involvement to install the Oracle Client component on every desktop and then complete the ADI configuration to gain access to your Oracle instance(s). Later on, one of the latest version of Oracle EBS 11i, WebADI was introduced to perform the same Excel mass journal upload, but without the need to install anything on your PC. This doesn’t mean that your dependency from IT has gone as the requirements for WebADI include several patch applications and a complex security setting process on MS Excel.

For the most part, after coping with the technical installation requirements, ADI has been an indispensable tool for helping in the creation of Journal entries from Excel. But is it actually helping to accomplish the month end process for General Ledger in an easy, faster and consistent way? Here are a few limitations of what the tool has to offer as of now:

ADI (or WebADI) won’t help you when you are trying to download journal entries from previous months if you are trying to use the same accounts and credit / debit structure for new entries.

You won’t be able to have Journal entries for the period you are closing and the new one in the same Excel template as WebADI doesn’t allow the uploading of journals to different periods in the same sheet.

If you work in a company where adjustments need to be posted in more than one Ledger (or Set of Books) then you will have to manually connect to the different books and upload the same template one at a time since you won’t be allowed to post to different ledgers from one single template.

In cases where you are consolidating journals from other instances because your company has acquisitions that are still running other versions of Oracle (or the instances are in separate boxes) you cannot reuse the same Excel template used by the subsidiary company. WebADI won’t allow the use of the same template for two (or more) different versions of Oracle EBS.

Always remember that with each upgrade of MS Excel, or client operating system, or Oracle EBS upgrade there will be issues in the integration with WebADI, mostly with Excel 2013.

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