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The business reality of data entry Covid-19

Is the disruption caused by Covid-19 to your organization requiring massive amounts of data processing?

When a massive disruption to your business occurs such as this pandemic (and associated lockdowns)  you find that it’s not just your organization thrown into turmoil. As we are finding, it is the individuals in a situation, having to perform unexpected mass transactions just to keep things moving.  From changes to user access, employee details, cancelling orders, providing credit notes – to having to perform a large number of payments – many of our customers have a lot to deal with!

At More4apps, we’ve seen this happen in the past, perhaps not with a virus on this scale, but with changes to government regulations and a short implementation time.

Not long ago, the Go-Ahead group in the UK needed a way to mass refund customers whose rail journey was late or cancelled. The government gave a short time frame to meet the new legal requirements and with the help of the More4apps Payables Invoice Wizard they Implemented a fully audited system in a matter of weeks.

And just last week, an education organization was faced with the daunting task of processing refunds to their students as a result of course cancellations due to Covid-19. They contacted us told us about their difficult situation: “Due to the COVID-19, we need to do a lot of refunds. We have approximately 40,000 new vendors to import to Oracle. Then, we need to print checks out for them. We are searching some simple way to do this.”

We were quickly able to recommend two tools, so their end users could quickly and efficiently process the refunds to meet their contracted agreements with the students.

Supplier Wizard (SW) –  Customer can create vendors en masse and manage vendor master data in large volumes. They can create and/or download thousands of vendors using an Excel spreadsheet. 

AP Invoice Wizard (PIW) – Once vendors are set up, the customer can create large volumes of AP Invoices and Batches from Excel. This tool will allow you to create the invoices in Oracle, and the check would be printed with the normal Oracle process This tool will simply facilitate the creation of thousands of invoices quickly.

The customer opted to lease More4apps software for a three-month period, saving on the outlay of the software, and enabling them to clear this unexpected hurdle quickly whilst keeping their business’s reputation intact.

Derryn Brenan
Derryn Brenan

Marketing Manager

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